Homemade Khoya ( Mawa )Recipe

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Khoya (Mawa) is used to make many sweets in India Like barfi, gulab jamun, kalakand etc.It is the base of many sweets Khoya is also available in the market but its purity is not assured.

You can easily make khoya at home . How the khoya will turn out will depend on the type of milk you are using.If you use buffalo milk or full cream milk,

then khoya will turn white in more quantity.And if you use cow’s milk, then khoya will be light yellow in color and in less quantity.So let’s start


full cream milk or buffallow milk – 2 Liter
heavy base pan or kadahi

Recipe for Homemade Khoya ( Mawa ) Recipe

Turn on the gas and put a thick bottomed pan on it and add 2 liters of full cream milk and let it heat up.

Keep stirring the milk so that the milk does not stick to the kadahi, if the milk sticks to the kadahi, the khoya will turn red in color.

To make khoya, do not leave the milk, keep stirring continuously until the quantity of milk is reduced to half, keep the flame of the gas full till the end.

Do not thiken the khoya completely, turn off the gas and keep stirring the spoon because the pan is also hot and the khoya becomes thicker when it cools down.

khoya is ready You can store the khya in an airtight container and keep it in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.

useful tips for making Homemade Khoya ( Mawa )Recipe

1- Use full cream milk for best results
2- Keep stirring the milk continuously or else the milk will stick to the pan.
3- The khoya should not be thickened in the pan otherwise it will become too thick on cooling.
4- Always use a heavy bottom pan or a pan, otherwise the milk will stick to the pan.
serving ideas-You can make a variety of sweets from khoya like burfi, gulab jamun etc. Or you can make rabri by cooking it with some sugar.

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